Water Management (130 projects)

Protecting Biodiversity through Improved Community Forest Management and Agroforestry

Principal Investigator: Ujjwal Pradhan
| Published on 16 May 2013

Implementing the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture Project Activities in Kenya and Tanzania

Principal Investigator: Keith Shepherd
| Published on 9 May 2013

Sharing Knowledge on Ready-to-Scale High Potential Pro-Poor Agricultural Technologies in India.

Principal Investigator: Virendra Pal Singh
| Published on 8 February 2013

Comprehensive Technical Backstopping to Develop the Sustainable Land and Water Management component of the PROSADE Project

Principal Investigator: María Eugenia Baltodano
| Published on 3 October 2012

Join efforts to develop a methodology for the design and route map of a subnational program of mechanisms aimed to share the benefits derived from the hydrologic ecosystem services in five river basins of the Department of Caldas, Colombia

Principal Investigator: Jeimar A. Tapasco A.
| Published on 3 October 2012

A catalogue of tested crop, soil, and water management options under varied land degradation conditions and socio-economic environment in the target areas in Tanzania, Malawi, and Zambia

Principal Investigator: Patrick Mutuo
| Published on 12 September 2012

Interinstitutional, Multi-Sectoral analysis of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for the agricultural sector in the upper Cauca River basing impacting adaptation policies

Principal Investigator: Andrew Jarvis
| Published on 18 July 2012

Managin Water in Rainfed Agriculture: the Key to Food Security in the Greater Mekong Subregion

Principal Investigator: Rod Lefroy
| Published on 17 July 2012

Watershed Evaluation for Sustainable Use of Sloping Agricultural Land in the Southern Philippines

Principal Investigator: Rodel Lasco
| Published on 31 January 2012

Mapping Interventions and Assessing Financing Mechanisms and Institutional Frameworks for Sustainable Promotion of Rainwater Harvesting

Principal Investigator: Malesu Maimbo
| Published on 31 January 2012