Market Access (136 projects)

Exploiting market opportunities for value-added dairy and meat products in the Eastern and Central Africa region

Principal Investigator: Amos Omore
| Published on 1 July 2010

Cocoa productivity and quality improvement: A participatory approach – Phase II

Principal Investigator: Bertus Eskes
| Published on 22 June 2010

Building Impact Pathways for Improving Livelihoods in Musa-based Systems in Central Africa (CIALCA 2-Bioversity F03/F04)

Principal Investigator: Guy Blomme
| Published on 22 June 2010

Promotion of Exports of Organic Bananas in Ethiopia and Sudan

Principal Investigator: Michael Bolton
| Published on 22 June 2010

Post Doc project: Assessing the contribution of diversified Musa genetic resources to poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and gender equality in rural communities

Principal Investigator: Hildegard Garming
| Published on 22 June 2010

Banana tissue culture: community dissemination pathways for delivery of high quality planting material to create markets for African farmers

Principal Investigator: Claudine Picq
| Published on 22 June 2010

Growing bananas with trees and livestock: Young farmer business groups improve crop and natural resource health and market links for rural well-being

Principal Investigator: Charles Staver
| Published on 22 June 2010

Cocoa of Excellence: Unravelling and celebrating diverse flavour qualities of cocoas to promote market differentiation

Principal Investigator: Stephan Weise
| Published on 22 June 2010

Strengthening partnerships along value chains to manage Xanthomonas wilt (Xanthomonas campestris pv musacearum) of bananas in East and Horn of Africa

Principal Investigator: Eldad Karamura
| Published on 22 June 2010

African Agricultural Market Program

Principal Investigator: Nick Minot
| Published on 24 May 2010