Crops (393 projects)

BMZ – Improving Water Productivity of Crop-Livestock Systems of Sub-Saharan Africa

Principal Investigator: Tilahun Amede
| Published on 4 March 2010

Accelerating seed multiplication to combat the threat of stem rust in wheat

Principal Investigator: Zewdie Bishaw
| Published on 3 February 2010

Conservation and use of crop genetic diversity to control pests and diseases in support of sustainable agriculture

Principal Investigator: Devra Jarvis
| Published on 3 February 2010

To contribute to Sustainable Environmental Management and Poverty Reduction with the aim of putting in place LLS activities in the Tri-national of the Sangha -TNS

Principal Investigator: Zac Tchoundjeu
| Published on 22 January 2010

SAPP Project – Caesalpinioid Woodlands of Southern Africa: Optimising the Use of Pesticidal Plants

Principal Investigator: Sileshi Weldesamayat
| Published on 22 January 2010

PostDoc Project: Improving Soil Management Recommendations for Smallholder Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa Using New Infrared Technology for Rapid Diagnosis of Soil Constraints

Principal Investigator: Keith Shepherd
| Published on 22 January 2010

Naturally African Platform

Principal Investigator: Eliot Masters
| Published on 22 January 2010

Vegetation and Climate change in Eastern Africa

Principal Investigator: Ramni Jamnadass
| Published on 22 January 2010

Sustainable collaborative research between SLU, Uppsala and the International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya in the field of genomics, bioinformatics and immunoinformatics.

Principal Investigator: Etienne de Villiers
| Published on 20 January 2010

Banana tissue culture: community dissemination pathways for delivery of high quality planting material to create markets for African farmers

Principal Investigator: Daniel Coyne
| Published on 1 January 2010