Agrobiodiversity (260 projects)

Strengthening Partnerships for Innovation in Beans, Groundnuts and Sesame Research and Technology Transfer in Mozambique

Principal Investigator: Rowland Chirwa
| Published on 22 January 2014

Transforming Key Production Systems: Maize Mixed East and Southern Africa “Identification of the key biophysical production constraints to crops and livestock at farm and landscape levels”

Principal Investigator: Job Kihara
| Published on 21 January 2014

BREAD: Fast breeding for slow crops: doubled haploids in cassava and banana

Principal Investigator: Paul Chavarriaga
| Published on 21 January 2014

Innovative programmatic approach to climate change in support of BecA’s mission: Climate-smart Brachiaria grases for improving livestock production in East Africa

Principal Investigator: Idupulapati Rao
| Published on 21 January 2014

Improving nitrogen use efficiency of crops and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

Principal Investigator: Manabu Ishitani
| Published on 21 January 2014

Supporting the Workshop of China and CIAT Collaboration in Projects Initiation

Principal Investigator: Joseph Tohme
| Published on 21 January 2014

Development of “Nebraska” Farm as a Research Platform for Generation of New Crop Varieties and Cropping Systems Adapted to the Stressful Soils of Eastern and Southern Africa

Principal Investigator: Steven Beebe
| Published on 21 January 2014

Join actions and resources for contributing to developing a sustainable use strategy of forage resources in livestock systems in Mexico

Principal Investigator: Michael Peters
| Published on 23 September 2013


Principal Investigator: Elcio Guimaraes
| Published on 23 September 2013

Technical Supervision to the Project: Applying genomic developments in Colombian coffee cultivation sustainability, Agreement No. 102/217 of 2011, between MADR and Colombian Coffee Growers Federation

Principal Investigator: Gerardo Gallego
| Published on 23 September 2013