: Nutrition (29 projects)

mPig: Mobile SMS learning for pigs – An innovative information sharing platform for smallholder pig value chain actors in Uganda

Profitable and Sustainable Nutrient Management System for Eastern and Southern African Farming Systems with particular reference to conservation agriculture in SIMLESA research sites

Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) – Phase 2012-2014

Dissemination of Provitamin A Maize in Zambia’s Eastern Province

Maize/Bean Research in Uganda

Rapid assessment of potential benefits to human health and nutrition from research on livestock and fish market chains in Asia and Africa

More chicken and pork in the pot, and money in the pocket: Improving forages for monogastric animals with low-income farmers

Collaboration with Embrapa–CNPMF in cassava research

Improving nutritional quality of cassava roots to improve the livelihoods of a million farmers in marginal agricultural land

High iron and zinc rice lines