: Natural Resource Management (21 projects)

Tree Crops Development in Africa and Asia to Benefit the Poor

Project 1 – In Mali SubRegional Workshop “Pratiques de Formulation et d’utilisation des Conventions Locales au Sahel” Project 2 – In Cameroon “Strengthening MP’s Position for Policy Change on Land and Forest Community Rights in Cameroon” Project 3

Ecosystem Mapping in Kenya

A scoping study in the Eastern, Northern and North-western Provinces for understanding dynamics of a charcoal and indigenous timber trade in connection to the integrated forest management

COMPANDES: Benefit-Sharing Mechanisms to improve water productivity and reduce water-related conflicts in selected basins

Interim Secretariat of Nairobi Science and Policy Forum on Sustainability of Agroecosystems

Management of Environmental Services and Financing for Sustainable Development

Mission Project on Rainfed Agriculture:Bridging Yield Gaps through Science-led Interventions for Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Karnataka

Bio-energy, sustainability and trade-offs: Can we aviod deforestation while promoting bio-energy?

Gender, tenure and community forests in Uganda and Nicaragua