: Marketing (8 projects)

Reducing vulnerability of Somali communities by raising the capacity of indigenous systems and enhancing market access and consumer welfare

Improving productivity and market success of Ethiopian farmers (IPMS)

To contribute to Sustainable Environmental Management and Poverty Reduction with the aim of putting in place LLS activities in the Tri-national of the Sangha -TNS

SAPP Project – Caesalpinioid Woodlands of Southern Africa: Optimising the Use of Pesticidal Plants

MINPLAPDAT/ICRAF – Food for Progress 2006

Actions for Sustainable Management of Forests by Integrating the Baka Pygmies

Rwanda Master Plan For Irrigation

Understanding How to Achieve Impact-at-Scale through Nutrition-focused Marketing of African Indigenous Vegetables (AIVs) and Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes (OFSP)