: livelihoods (70 projects)

Innovative beef value chain development schemes in southern Africa

Development of timber and non-timber forest products’ production and market strategies for improvement of smallholders’ livelihoods in Indonesia

Improving Farmers Livelihoods Through the Scaling-Up of Legume Based Soil Fertility Restoration Technologies

Improved Forage-Based Livestock Feeding Systems for Smallholder Livelihoods in the Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle

Catalysing the emerging smallholder pig value chains in Uganda to increase rural incomes and assets

Adapting dairy market hubs for pro-poor smallholder value chains in Tanzania

Watershed Evaluation for Sustainable Use of Sloping Agricultural Land in the Southern Philippines

Scale-up of Soybean Production in Rwanda to Improve Soil Fertility and Livelihood for Farmers

Livelihood Diversifying Potential of Livestock Based Carbon Sequestration Options in Pastoral and Agropastoral Systems in Africa

Enhancing dairy-based livelihoods in India and Tanzania through feed intervention and value chain development approaches (MilkIT)