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Towards projecting Land Use Impacts on Carbon Stocks and Soil Health in Kenya using Standardized Field Measurement Protocols and Satellite Image Analysis

Carbon Benefits Project: Modelling, Measurement and Monitoring

Backstopping of WKIEMP by ICRAF – PHASE III – (GEF)

Increasing sustainable agricultural production in Mozambique through drought tolerant maize and conservation agriculture

Capacity Building Program on the Opportunity Costs of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Land Use Change

Going to Scale: Enhancing the Adaptive Management Capacities for Sustainable Land Management in the Highlands of Eastern Africa

Improving Livelihoods, Environmental Conservation and Climate Change Resilience through Generation and Application of Knowledge and Innovations in Agroforestry and Renewable Natural Resources Management

To Assemble Scientific Evidence in Support of the Unified African Position on Bio-Carbon