: Impact Assessment (9 projects)

Two Pilot Studies to Assess Technology Adoption and Measure the Socio-Economic Impact of Agricultural Products/Technologies – Elasticities of Cotton

Measuring and Assessing the Impacts of the Diffusion of Improved Crop Varieties in Africa

Learning the lessons of Rift Valley fever: Improved detection and mitigation of outbreaks

Impact assessment study of the Nigeria avian influenza control and human pandemic preparedness and response project

Generating a framework for strategic improvement and adoption of superior dual-purpose (groundnut) cultivars in mixed crop livestock systems in drought prone areas.

Post Doc project: Assessing the contribution of diversified Musa genetic resources to poverty reduction, environmental sustainability and gender equality in rural communities

Impact Evaluation Support to the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program

Preventing and containing trypanocide resistance in the cotton zone of West Africa

Adoption and impact of IR Maize on rural livelihoods in Western Kenya