: Decision And Policy Analysis (25 projects)

Adaptation by agricultural communities to climate change through participatory and supply chain-inclusive management

Rehabilitation of degraded lands through silvopastoral systems and reforestation in the savannas of Cordoba, Colombia

Evaluation of investment and finance flows for actions of mitigation and adaptation in the agricultural sector

Towards a geographic information system of banana farms in Urabá for production monitoring, control, and optimization

Watersheds of Medellín, Colombia

Analysis of climate change vulnerability of four watersheds of the Water for Life Fund

Providing means for a better understanding of biodiversity: Improving primary data and using it for threat assessment and in situ conservation planning in South America – Building IABIN

RENATA applied in generating solutions to environmental information, vegetation cover, and land-use change in Colombia, accessing spatially distributed databases managed with remote applications

Breaking the spiral of unsustainability in arid and semi-arid areas in Latin America using an ecosystems approach for co-innovation of farm livelihoods

Developing New Pro-Poor Business Models in the LAC Region in Partnership with the Private Sector