: Capacity building (67 projects)

Building a Large Evergreen Agriculture Network for Southern Africa

On-the-Job Research Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture in Developing Countries

From Ridge to Reef: An Ecosystem Based Approach to Biodiversity Conservation and Development in the Philippines

IFAR Fellowship 2011

Support for Applied Research on the Feasibility of Sustainable Bio fuels Production, for Oil Palm in West Kalimantan

Implementing the Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture project activities in Kenya and Nairobi

Adaptation of people to climate change in East Africa: Ecosystem services, risk reduction and human well-being

Overcoming constraints to community-based commercial forest in Indonesia

Young Professionals’ Platform on Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD)

Combining administrative, technical and financial resources for the hydrological modeling of watersheds in the Corpoguavio region of Colombia