WHO Guideline Testing in Tamale

Published on 9 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 March 2007 | End Date: 30 April 2010


The proposed project will continue where the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) stopped, with the main goal of testing the implementation of multiple non-treatment measures to reduce consumer related health risks from wastewater use in irrigated vegetable farming in Ghana. Specifically, the project aims – to conduct field implementation and demonstrations of various non-treatment options at farms, markets and food-vendor levels and measure the effectiveness of different combinations of the measures in reducing health risks and quantify the risk reduction standard metric of disease units; – to assess perceptions of key stakeholder groups (farmers, vegetable sellers, street food vendors and government institutions) on non-treatment health protection measures and identify influencing factors for their adoption; – to conduct economic, financial, health impact, social-cultural and legal feasibility assessments on best combinations of non-treatment options and select most feasible combinations for sustainable public health protection; – to develop monitoring and institutional frameworks and assess institutional capacity needs to effectively implement and monitor non-treatment measures in Ghana.

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