Wetlands Global Carbon Survey

Published on 5 January 2012

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Start Date: 30 September 2010 | End Date: 30 September 2012


This program will begin a global effort to fill a major data gap in REDD+, that of carbon storage, especially below-ground carbon, in peatlands, mangroves, and other wetlands. The USFS and CIFOR have begun this initiative on a small scale in Philippines, Indonesia and Bangladesh. This project will scale up those efforts to a multi-year, hopefully multi-donor, global initiative that will eventually inventory the carbon storage of all the major wetland ecosystems using a standardized approach. USFS and CIFOR will provide technical backstopping and leadership to create a multi-institutional network that carries out the surveys using common methodologies. After a survey of needs and gaps, the program will also support development of emissions factors for different types of human wetland management such as draining, flooding, deforestation, and conversion to agriculture; estimating C02, methane, and other gases. Field implementation will be done with local partners such as universities, NGOs and government research agencies to build local scientific expertise.


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