Wealth creation through integrated development of the potato production and marketing sector in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia

Published on 7 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 September 2008 | End Date: 31 August 2012


The purpose of this project is to demonstrate poverty reduction among target smallholder potato farmers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda through parallel interventions in seed potato production and marketing on one hand, as well as implementing improvements in the ware potato production and marketing chains on the other. As outputs, such integrated sectoral development is expected to result in the establishment of potato stakeholder forums at local, national and regional levels; the establishment of direct specialized potato marketing linkages between producers and processors / retailers; economically sustainable seed potato enterprises; improved production and marketing of seed and ware potato both in terms of quality and quantity; a proper assessment of opportunities and constraints for the potato sector on the national, regional and international markets; the development and presentation of national potato development plans to policy makers; and the exchange/sharing of information among potato sector representatives within and out of the three pilot countries. Moreover, lessons learnt will constitute valuable information that will help to shape up scaling up the approach to other sub- Saharan potato producing countries and beyond. The approach of implementation will emphasize public-private-partnership (PPP)

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3 Responses to “Wealth creation through integrated development of the potato production and marketing sector in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia”

  1. Teklebrhan Welday says:

    Dear: Sir/madam
    Iam asking you if you have research fund for MSc. students who work their research in sweet potato. I MSc STUDENT IN HARAMAYA UNIVERSITY ,ETHIOPIA IN THE DEPARTMENT OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

    • Berga Lemaga says:

      Dear Solomon,

      This project is on Solanum potatoes, not sweetpotatoes. Moreover, the project does not have funds for MSc studies. There is another project in Ethiopia “ Better Potato for a Better Life” led by Dr. Steffen Schulz. He has a component of sweetpotato. Please check with him if he has funds for your study. His email address is S.Schulz@CGIAR.ORG

      Best wishes,

  2. anthony says:

    Am a student researching on the marketing-commodity approach on potatoes in kenya and i would appreciate if i can have acess to the findings of this project

    thank you

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