Vegetation and Climate change in Eastern Africa

Published on 22 January 2010

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Start Date: 1 April 2008 | End Date: 31 July 2010


Based on a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, this project will cover collaborative work on Vegetation and climate change in East Africa: A high resolution digital vegetation map for land use planning, natural resource management and conservation of biodiversity in East Africa (VECEA).


The VECEA project will produce the following 5 outputs:

Output 1: A high resolution model for the 7 countries and an accompanying database with descriptions of the nomenclature and criteria used to define the potential vegetation types, including key (vegetation and environmental niche) characteristics that define and distinguish the vegetation types.

Output 2: Field verification of vegetation in Kenya and Uganda.

Output 3: High resolution scenarios for present day natural resources management and conservation (Kenya and Uganda).

Output 4: High resolution scenarios for natural resources management and conservation under climate change and land use changes (Kenya and Uganda).

Output 5: Document and publish the potential vegetation map and database

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3 Responses to “Vegetation and Climate change in Eastern Africa”

  1. Hilary Thomas says:

    How far has this project progressed in relation to Uganda? Do you have coverage yet for SE Uganda, more specifically the Mbale, Bududa and Manafwa districts, surrounding Mount Elgon national park?

  2. carol says:

    describe the vegatation types found in east africa?

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