Sustainable intensification of maize-legume cropping systems for food security in eastern and southern Africa (SIMLESA)

Published on 14 May 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2010 | End Date: 31 December 2013


The aim of the project is to increase food security and incomes at household and regional levels and economic development in eastern and southern Africa through improved productivity from more resilient and sustainable maize-based farming systems.

The overall objective is to sustainably increase the productivity of selected maize-legume systems in eastern and southern Africa by 30% from the 2009 average for each target country by the year 2020.and at the same time reduce seasonal down-side risks by 30%.

The specific objectives are:

Objective 1: To characterize maize-legume production and input and output value chain systems and impact pathways, and identify broad systemic constraints and options for field testing.
Objective 2: To test and develop productive, resilient and sustainable smallholder maize-legume cropping systems and innovation systems for local scaling out.
Objective 3: To increase the range of maize and legume varieties available for smallholders through accelerated breeding, regional testing and release, and availability of performance data.
Objective 4: To support the development of regional and local innovations systems.
Objective 5: Capacity building to increase the efficiency of agricultural research today and in the future.

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5 Responses to “Sustainable intensification of maize-legume cropping systems for food security in eastern and southern Africa (SIMLESA)”

  1. Abubakari Mshamu says:

    How about opportunities for postgraduate studies?

  2. Jan Beniest says:

    • Was or is there any collaboration in the area of capacity strengthening between the Lead Centre and the Partner Centre(s)?
    • If so, can you briefly describe this collaboration and highlight the drivers of success or failure of such collaboration?
    • If not, would it have been beneficial to collaborate in this area and how can/could that best be achieved?

  3. Yenus Ousman says:

    I am working in Gondar university. I have Msc in Agronomy. when I see what you are contributing on website. I am initiated to ask you question that how can University of Gondar collaborate with you. Could you give me information?
    Many thanks.

  4. Gashaw Adane says:

    To Dr Mulugetta Mekuria, Coordinator, SIMLESA, of the famous John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) program or ACIAR supported collaborative research projects in African partner countries.
    Hello, how are you sir? Thank you so much for your time consideration.
    I am from here Ethiopia and have professional experience in agricultural development activities. Sir, I am serendipity and proud of communicating with you, as you are one of the greats in the world. I got your address from Dr. John Dixon, ACIAR’s Principal Advisor Research. Thanks to ACIAR and a man who advice me and I would like to grateful for them. Let me come back to my request.
    Dear Dr, I have been interesting in studying in/with Australia Universities/Institutions about my country’s agriculture. Australia, an insightful and progressive Oceania country, is pronounced and best in the world in terms of agricultural civilization. That is why I have been interesting and planning studying in Australia. On account of this, I prefer to study under the Instruction and participation of the famous John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) program or ACIAR supported collaborative research projects in my partner country and elsewhere. It is you, the Coordinator, SIMLESA,who lead me towards my success. So how can I involve in ACIAR supported collaborative research projects and in the John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) awards? Dr.,I want study my country’s northeastern agricultural extension service so as to improve the small holder farmers production and productivity as well as catalyzing the country’s agricultural transformation. Please, let you help me sir.

    Kind regards,

    Gashaw Adane Erkyihun
    Amhara National Regional State, South Wollo Zone
    Mekdella District Agricultural Development Office
    Mekdella/ Masha, Ethiopia.
    PoBox 13
    Email Address:
    Telephone numbers- 0914067704/0938373390
    Fax numbers -0334500013

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