Sustainable dissemination of small-scale lowland paddy fields development in inland valleys in West Africa

Published on 8 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 March 2009 | End Date: 31 December 2010


This research project aims at disseminating lowland rice cultivation in inland valleys in West Africa by analyzing the current status and constraints of disseminating lowland rice in inland valleys in West Africa through literature reviews and field studies in West Africa. In year-2 of this project IWMI will implement (a) follow–up field surveys by questionnaire and analysis on socio-economic factors and constraints for promoting lowland rice production in inland valleys in the study areas in semi-deciduous tropical forest area and Guinea savanna area in Ghana, (b) continue hydrological observation in the study sites in Mankran watershed in semi-deciduous tropical forest area and Kwaha watershed in Guinea savanna area in Ghana, (c) refine or improve the spatial model for evaluating the suitability of inland valleys for rice cultivation, (d) develop indicators or parameters for ecological and environmental factors that may be considered in suitability assessment, (e) provide training for prospective users (e.g., agriculturalists, policy makers, irrigation engineers, and planners) of the suitability assessment, (f) edition and publication of Technical guideline for selecting suitable sites for lowland rice in inland valley in West Africa which was developed by IWMI-TEIWRMT project and (g) conduct crop water productivity analyses in inland valley in the case study site.

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