Supporting Community forestry to improve livelihoods and to facilitate sustainable management of dry forests in Ethiopia

Published on 2 December 2010

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Start Date: 27 May 2009 | End Date: 26 April 2012


The project goal is to improved sustainable gum and resin extraction and commercialisation so that farmers will have economic incentives to sustainably manage the dry forests. The project purpose is to enhance uptake of technological and managerial practices, institutional innovations and policy recommendations by key stakeholders in the Ethiopian gum and resin industry, including players in poverty alleviation initiatives.

The project outputs will include:

  • technical measures and management practices that improve forest management and the quantity and quality of gums and resins produced by smallholders
  • options to strengthen local gum and resin producer organizations and their ability to secure more favourable markets
  • policy recommendations that ensure more secure access to forests, promote responsible gum and resin management, and enhance livelihood outcomes from gum and resin production.

The proposed work focuses on local action for improving communities’ access to and benefit from dry forests. It brings the key issues from such action into the policy debate at regional, state and federal levels, facilitating informed decisions that will benefit poor farmers and women. Planners and policy makers lack field based information on how forestry can underpin poverty alleviation; the project will provide this information, illustrating that forests make a significant contribution to livelihood improvement and can help achieve the Millennium Development Goals.


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