Support to National REDD+ Programme

Published on 8 February 2013

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Start Date: 18 December 2012 | End Date: 31 July 2013


This agreement will support the objectives of the UN-REDD Programme and its ‘Support to National REDD Actions’ Programme, specifically on REDD+ as a catalyst for a green economy.

Specific Objectives.

a) Support UNEP with the establishment and operations of an International Expert Panel on Landscapes in Green Economy.

b) Support UNEP with the disseminate of clear and concise information through the organization of a regional conference for Africa on forests and REDD+ in a Green Economy.

c) Articulate key messages on green economy, forests and sustainable land use through articles in the popular media and the internet.

Activities of ICRAF include:-

a) Facilitating the establishment of an International Expert Panel on Landscapes in a Green Economy, including supporting UNEP with finalizing the draft Terms of Reference for experts; support UNEP with the organization of the first meeting of the International Expert Panel on Landscapes in a Green Economy.

b) Support UNEP with the organization of the Regional Conference for Africa, in Nairobi, on exchanging information and experience on the potential of REDD+ and forests for a green economy transition.

c) Draft atlest 5 popular articles for publication based on the results of UNEP’s UN-REDD Programme work on outcome 6 ‘Green economy transformation and REDD+ strategies and investments are mutually reinforcing’

Expected Results and Outputs

Results expected.

1) The understanding of a Scientific, policy and practice community on sustainable land-use and landscape planning, especially of forests, is increased promoting green economy transformations in developing countries.

2) The awareness of scientific, policy and practice community is raised about sustainable use of forests and other forests and other land use and the relationship to the green economy.

Outputs Expected are:-

1) The International Expert Panel on Landscape in a Green Economy established and first meeting convened.

2) Report from Regional Conference and a network of practitioners on exchanging expereince on the role of forests and REDD+ for a Green Economy in Africa.

3) Atleast 5 articles published.



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