Support Services for Land Use Planning, District Readiness, Strategic Environmental Assessment and Related Preparatory Activities for the Green Prosperity (GP) Project in Indonesia

Published on 9 May 2013

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Start Date: 12 December 2012 | End Date: 12 September 2013


The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) plans to invest considerable US Government resources in supporting environmentally sustainable, low carbon economic growth in Indonesia through the Green Prosperity Project. Careful assessment, analysis, and identification of districts in up to 12 provinces is needed to ensure that these investments are well placed and produce the greatest return on investment possible. Although several factors will contribute the project’s success, MCC recognizes that consulting with beneficiary communities and stakeholders and securing their buy-in will greatly increase the project’s impact and effectiveness. Similarly, the project’s activities should be designed to fully reflect the on-the-ground context of the target geographies and potential environmental impacts that must be fully assessed and mitigated. At the same time, there is a renewed urgency to initiate Green Prosperity and demonstrate positive impacts quickly.

The Green Prosperity, GP Project, one of three projects included in MCC Compact with the GOI, seeks to promote sustained growth and poverty reduction in Indonesia through investments in renewable energy and sustainable management and use of natural resources. Project activities, which will include both technical and financial assistance for low-carbon development projects will be based on the GOI’s medium- to long-term development plan, its National Action Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Regional Spatial Plans, and intensive participatory land-use planning involving local communities and governments in provinces and districts selected based on their potential for poverty reduction and the attainment of environmental objectives. The tasks included in this assignment are intended to facilitate the launch of the project in the starter districts, document lessons learned in order to inform the project rollout in additional districts throughout the country, and develop and apply a rigorous methodology for selecting the additional districts.

More specifically, in addition to the development of an inception and a final report, this activity will undertake the following main tasks with relation to the start-up of project activities in each of the four starter districts:

1. Land Use and Spatial Planning Needs Assessment
2. Preparation of district guidelines for village boundary setting
3. Facilitation of multi-stakeholder fora
4.  SEA


Expected Project Outputs

1. Recommendation for activities to be carried out under the Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP) Activity

2.  Guidelines for participatory administrative boundary setting that will be utilized for implementation of the PLUP Activity




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  1. David Fernandes says:

    Dear Colleague(s):

    I would like to be provided with either a link or the files containing any reports produced under this initiative, please. I am an international development professional with a strong interest in this subject matter, particularly in Indonesia.

    Could you please let me know how, and when, I mght be able to obtain this material? Thank you very much.

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