Strategic Assessment of Research Priorities of the RTB, and Support to RTB Task Theme Leaders

Published on 10 September 2013

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Start Date: 1 January 2012 | End Date: 31 December 2013


The project will develop a background analysis of RTB crops as a first step in a larger priority setting process.

Project researchers will examine the geographic dimensions of RTB crops, including an analysis of production, area, yields, abiotic and biotic constraints, among others.

Data will be analyzed at finest spatial resolutions available as well as country, agroecological zone and combinations of all of these.

Relationships between developing-country poverty patterns and each RTB crop will be examined. Using publically available data sets, the team will analyze trends related to these crops and how these might impact on the RTB program.

A preliminary yield gap analysis will survey the literature, analyze FAOSTAT country data and review yields from trial data on experiment stations. A socioeconomic matrix will be developed as a tool for subsequent expert consultations. All of the information used in the analysis will be packaged into an information resource, including interactive maps, available on the RTB web site.


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  1. Hailing Fu says:

    I am Ph.D from Zhongnan University of Economics and law.I am researching the item of efficiency for the cassava.So,could you send this research paper to me?? Thank you very much.

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