Shade Tree Agroforestry Project

Published on 1 January 2010

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Start Date: 3 July 2006 | End Date: 30 September 2009



This project seeks to promote the extensive adoption of tree shade in farming systems for enhancing coffee quality, as well as the diversification and environmental sustainability of smallholder farming systems of the Gisenyi area in the Lake Kivu region. The following four set of activities have been proposed for the project.

1) Development of sustainable Tree seed supply and Distribution system

2) Dissemination of Agroforestry practices

3) Strengthening capacity of Agroforestry coffee trainers, extensionists and COOPAC

4) On-farm Applied research. The project aims to achieve both development and research outputs. Development outputs include: Tree shade management guidelines developed including recommendations on tree species and spacing; extension brochure on tree shade establishment and management produced; and seed sources established for several indigenous tree species and commercial linkages created between seed producers/collectors and producers group. Outputs of research activities include: Coffee yields and quality determined in contrasted shade treatments; influence of tree shade on coffee and soils determined in sites of varying soil quality, altitude, and slope, and; effectiveness of tree species in enhancing productivity and quality of coffee and non-coffee components of the production systems ranked.

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