Science-led Consortium Approach for Inclusive Market Oriented Development through Suvarna Bhoomi Yojane in Karnataka

Published on 22 November 2011

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Start Date: 25 June 2011 | End Date: 24 July 2012


The overall goal of this initiative is to improve the livelihoods of small and marginal farm house holds through enabling farmers to shift from low-value subsistence crops to high-value fruit and vegetable crops. A secondary objective is to achieve this using sustainable management practices.

 The specific objectives are as follows: 

  1. To form a multi-institution consortium comprising ICRISAT, AVDRC,  NGOs, private sector industries, University of Horticulture, SAUs, and Department of Horticulture to implement e Suvarna Bhoomi Yojane in 25 selected districts.
  2. To understand input and output market value chains and identify market linkages for high-volume fruits and vegetable crops for farmers under SBY.
  3. To implement a  science-based strategy for sustainable production of high-value crops
  4. To build capacity of the consortium partners to manage  the  SBY project and undertake capacity building of stakeholders  in the value chain, especially farmers.
  5. To monitor, evaluate and document progress, impacts  and lessons learnt on consortium formation and  functionfor strengthening the SBY.

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