Rwanda Master Plan For Irrigation

Published on 1 January 2010

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Start Date: 9 April 2009 | End Date: 30 September 2010


The Master Plan for Irrigation in Rwanda project is defined by two complementary objectives to be achieved. These are as follows.

1. To improve the food security of the people of Rwanda by proposing optimal uses of water and land resources for irrigation- uses that will provide more food for the rural and urban population in all seasons and in all tears.

2. Irrigation and modern agricultural technology can become the driving force for exploitation of hillside lands planted with high value-added crops that can earn cash in urban and export markets.

Phase 1 of this study will propose overall conceptual opportunities for irrigated agriculture in a variety of topographical and climate areas throughout Rwanda. it will survey and classify soil and water resources available for irrigation, and further develop a Geographical Information System for the potential irrigation areas. Conceptual schemes for utilization of water resources in several areas will be developed, along with energy needs and opportunities associated with harnessing the water.

This phase will conceptually integrate the irrigation projects, and the potential of irrigated hillside farming as a whole into the strategic goals raising rural living standards through environmentally sustainable rural development in Rwanda.

On the other hand, Phase II of this project will provide the detailed study and planning required to begin implementation of the 10-15 pilot projects. The objective of the pilot sites will be to demonstrate and test crops and irrigation methods, post-harvest and marketing facilities and organizational arrangements defined under the Master Plan Study. This phase will also carry out full feasibility studies for each proposed irrigation area, including detailed engineering design which will allow tender documents to be issued for the construction of the required infrastructure.


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13 Responses to “Rwanda Master Plan For Irrigation”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am a Rwandan student in masters program in irrigation and water management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

    I am very interested in this “Rwanda Master Plan For Irrigation”. So I would like to ask you if I can have an opportunity to do my master Thesis research on Irrigation aspect of this “Rwanda Master Plan For Irrigation” because I want to come and apply in my country what I am learning and contribute to its development especially in irrigation sector.

    Thank you for your assistance

    With kind regards,

    Theodore DUSABIMANA
    Mob: +31685257567

  2. Karinda Emmanuel says:


    I would like to ask you if I can have a practical internship in this Irrigation project. I am doing my Msc in Irrigation engineering in China. I look forward to hearing from you



    • Edwin Muhereza says:

      I have completed my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural land use and management. I am interested in doing a Masters in Irrigation Engineering in a Chnese University and I realise you are already doing the same.

      Kindly let me know which University you are attending so that I can apply to join it for the same course.

  3. petra niyonsenga says:

    Dear Sir,

    my name is Petra niyonsenga I am studying at higher Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (ISAE)in 5th year of irrigation and drainage and I am doing my research on design of small scale irrigation system case of drip irrigation for vegetable garden in schools and I would like to ask the information on small scale irrigation in rwanda,how can I get access to your publication.
    thank you.

  4. Malesu says:

    Dear Petra,

    Please contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources for a copy of the Irrigation Master Plan. Best regards.

  5. petra niyonsenga says:

    Dear Malesu,
    thank you for your information

  6. niyitanga fidele says:

    my name is niyitanga fidele ,i am a stundent at ISAE-BUSOGO in irrigation and drainage second year .I
    would like to ask which districts this system will be applied and how can i get more information about the uses of some machines used in irrigation and drainage because we do not get the chance to see at ISAE . My suggestion you should give us more skills about about the uses of those machines even if we see it but in theory while as we are the engineers of the future in this system in Rwanda.thanks

    • Malesu says:

      The irrigation Master Plan generated 30 detailed district plan maps. A mechanization assessment was conducted based on parameters such as topography, soils, existing practices etc. These reports are available at the Rwanda Irrigation Development, RIDA.

  7. Kabarira Dushimire Arcade says:

    A suggestion,
    we’ve a class of 50 students at ISAE, 2nd year Irrigation and Drainage. We are studying in order to help in the development of our country in Agriculture sector. So, we wish u should take us in use. We’re leady to work for this project improving our knoledge.

  8. niyitanga fidele says:

    I am a stundent at ISAE BUSOGO in third year irrigation and drainage so i would like to ask you how can i get the internship from the project related to irrigation as LWH

    • Malesu says:

      Dear Niyitanga,

      Thanks for your interest in the LWH project which is based at MINAGRI. I would encourage you to contact the Head of the Irrigation Task Force at MINAGRI for possible internships. You may also try and contact people at Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB).

  9. David NGENDAHIMANA says:

    I’ student at ISAE in 3rd year IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE I want the internership there


    in fact iam student in National University of Randa
    I want to know deeply Rwanda master plan for irrigation
    vision and mission in 2014and then i need to be one of the membership in order increase the hill side irrigation for poverty reduction in Rwanda thx.

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