Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security – From Seed to Table (RUAF-FSTT Angophone West Africa)

Published on 8 March 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2009 | End Date: 31 December 2010


The RUAF-FSTT project aims to facilitate the development of sustainable urban farming systems and to contribute to urban poverty alleviation and enhanced food secuirty, social inclusion and empowerment of urban disadvantaged groups in 20 partner cities. Ghana and Nigeria have been selected in Anglophone West Africa region. One hunderd farming households from each city will be targetted during the activities. The specific proejct outcomes expected are 1. Enhancement of the capacities of the different regional Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food security and facilitate their consolidation; 2. Enhancement of the capacities of local stakeholders (researchers, NGO’s, farmer organisations, a/o) in the RUAF partner cities to engage in joint situation analysis and policy advocacy regarding urban agriculture and the design, implementation and monitoring of sustainable urban agriculture farming and marketing projects; 3. Enhancement of the income and food security of farming households by implementing “From Seed to Table” Projects (stimulating the transition from subsistence to more sustainable forms of urban agriculture); 4. Strengthening of the organisation of urban farmers groups and organisations and their capacities to innovate their farming systems and market chains and participate in multi-stakeholder dialogue and planning; 5. Enhancement of the access of urban producers to (innovative forms of) credit and financing of urban agriculture activities; 6. Enhancement of learning from monitoring: lessons are drawn from the experiences gained in the project and are used in the planning of future activities by RUAF partners at local, regional and international level; 7. Enhancement of the capacities of students and staff of NGO’s, farmer organisations, training and research institutes and local governments in empowerment of urban farmer organisations FSTT approach to Farming System Innovation through distance education; 8. Enhancment of access of the subscribers to UA-Magazine and visitors of the websites to up-to-date information on past and recent research and project experiences on Urban Agriculture; 9. Consolidate the recently established City Multi-stakeholder Forums on Urban Agriculture in the partner cities and advance in national policy formulation on urban agriculture

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