Resilient Agro-landscapes to Climate Change in Tanzania (ReACCT)

Published on 15 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 May 2008 | End Date: 31 December 2011


This Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaption Options in Vulnerable Agro-landscapes in East Africa aims at assessing the regional impacts of climate change on agriculture and environment in Tanzania and at designing adaptation strategies and practices for small-scale agriculture and land use. The widespread application of these adaptation strategies and practices is expected to result in resilient ‘agro-landscapes’ and livelihood systems with improved adaptive capacity to climate change.

In order to reach the above goal, the project has been built on 3 major analytical thrusts:

1. Improving the description and understanding of inter annual climate variability, likely long term climate change in the region and their impacts on current land use systems and respective environmental, social and economic pressures;

2. Assessing smallholder constraints and opportunities with regard to potential climate change impacts on agriculture and ecosystem services; and

3. Developing, testing and monitoring a range of technologies and good practices for improving the overall adaptive capacity of rural households, communities and agro-landscapes.

The projects outputs are as follows:

1. Regionally downscaled climate change scenarios for different IPCC emission scenarios.

2. Model based estimations of climate change impacts on current land use systems and practices.

3. Scenarios of sustainable livelihoods and resilient agro-landscapes under climate change

4. Assessment of adaptive responses/practices and criteria for best adaptation practices.

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