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Published on 10 February 2011

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Start Date: 1 June 2008 | End Date: 30 June 2012


An expected outcome of this research is that the post 2012 climate regime is designed and national REDD schemes are constructed so that they use best available practices for managing, estimating and monitoring forest carbon pools in a way that leads to real reductions of emissions from deforestation and degradation. In addition, it is expected that reduced transaction costs will lead to increased adoption of REDD schemes.

The project activities will be carried out by a number of partners with CIFOR taking a lead role. Overall coordination of the project will be carried out by CIFOR. Specifically CIFOR will:
• coordinate the governance and activities of the project;
• lead in the implementation of agreed research activities;
• coordinate participation and inputs of state, private, civil society and local actors;
• coordinate information dissemination;
• prepare overall monitoring and evaluation reports for the project, and coordinate the independent evaluation at the end of the project; and
• provide technical support linked to capacity building activities.


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