Provide Information of the Economic Benefits of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) Practices and other Socio-Cultural Benefits

Published on 31 January 2012

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Start Date: 31 March 2011 | End Date: 31 May 2013


The goal of the project is to provide information on the economic benefits of farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) practices and other socio-economic benefits to guide decisions on whether, where, and how to scale up the practice to other dryland and sub-humid areas.

The primary aim of the project is to quantify the economic benefits and identify other socio-cultural benefits from farmer managed natural regeneration process in the Sahel. The specific research questions to be answered are:
1. Economic benefits: what is the level of economic benefits that communities and households obtain from FMNR?
2. Variations in benefits: how do these benefits differ across different contexts, such as aridity, access to markets and dominant system and across different communities and household types?
3. Constraints to expansion: In the presence of FMNR transformation, why is FMNR not found in some neighboring communities and village territories?



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