Protracted Relief Programme, Phase II (Sustaining crop production improvements for smallholder farmers in semi-arid Zimbabwe)

Published on 2 July 2010

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Start Date: 1 July 2008 | End Date: 30 June 2011


The objectives of the ICRISAT-led interventions are to assist smallholder farmers in achieving sustained improvements in food and nutritional security and to build the capacity of NGOs and AGRITEX in promoting improved agriculture programmes. To achieve these objectives, ICRISAT proposes to guide the nine NGOs and engage with smallholder farmers and other stakeholders (seed and fertilizer companies, rural retailers, MoA, RoL) in undertaking a series of activities that lead to the following outputs:

1.       A diverse range of CA tillage and soil fertility management options that protect the gains that were achieved in Phase I developed, promoted and used by farmers

2.       Legumes sustainably integrated in CA systems for diversified diets, soil fertility improvement and income generation

3.       AGRITEX and NGO capacity to implement CA and MD strengthened

4.       CA adoption constraints and opportunities documented and disseminated to stakeholders

5.       Sustainable seed and fertilizer delivery mechanisms evaluated and promoted if market conditions allow

6.       Impact of local level climate forecasting on farmer decision-making with respect to crop and livestock management assessed and documented

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