Protecting Biodiversity through Improved Community Forest Management and Agroforestry

Published on 16 May 2013

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Start Date: 1 September 2012 | End Date: 31 August 2015


The purpose of the project is to establish community-driven, sustainable forest management and agroforestry systems to maintain biodiversity and other environmental services, buffer habitat quality, secure land rights and improve livelihoods in three districts in Jambi province. It plans to bolster existing village forest (hutan desa) agreements by establishing more productive agroforestry systems so that they are functioning economically as well as in the interests of biodiversity and we also plan to extend the number of formal village forest agreements. At the same time, through our close liaison with local governments, we expect that secure land tenure and viable village forest agreements that benefit many communities and biodiversity will be extended throughout the region. These activities will be carried out in close partnership and collaborations with WARSI (originally Warung Konservasi) and local governments and will be closely linked with local development processes.

Goals of this project are:-

1. The domestication and use of the best “germplasm” for agroforestry
2. Making trees more productive on farms
3. Improving tree-product marketing for smallholder farmers
4. Making land healthier through agroforestry
5. Using agroforestry to reduce the impact of, and help people and landscapes adapt to, climate change
6. Developing policies and reward systems for multi-use landscapes that provide “environmental services”

Expected outcomes include:-
1) Securing community-based land and forest tenure over large areas of nine community territories in Jambi (led by WARSI)

2) Integrate all Geo-referenced communities’ territories into provincial spatial planning

3) Landscape analysis of biodiversity, watershed functions and carbon

4) Livelihoods’ analyses that support environmental services

5) The maintenance and improvement of multiple environmental services, that is, biodiversity, hydrology and climate regulation in a sustainable landscape, are promoted through integrated, inclusive and informed land-use planning at district level



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  1. Park says:

    Dear whom concerned,

    I’m Saeyoon Park doing Agritropics master program at the Hohenheim university in Germany. I’m interested in this project and I wonder if I can have an internship with you. I’m writing my thesis and I’d like to do an internship next year, If I can have this work with you, I would be really happy. Please let me know if there’s a chance that I can work.

    Kind Regards,
    Saeyoon Park from Germany

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