Project 1 – In Mali SubRegional Workshop “Pratiques de Formulation et d’utilisation des Conventions Locales au Sahel” Project 2 – In Cameroon “Strengthening MP’s Position for Policy Change on Land and Forest Community Rights in Cameroon” Project 3

Published on 31 January 2012

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Start Date: 15 March 2011 | End Date: 15 October 2011


The objective of project 1 is to create an appropriate space to share with other Sahelian countries the tools elaborated and validated in Mali during 2010 for developing and using local conventions in natural resource management. The workshop will also serve as a platform for advocacy with government to recognize local conventions and as an opportunity for wide dissemination of the methodological guide elaborated in 2010.

The objective of project 2 is to enhance MPs and other stakeholders’ dialogue through meetings at local and national levels and o capitalize on their understanding of the importance of community rights through a white paper on land and forest tenure advocating for land and forest tenure’s inclusion in the upcoming forestry and land laws.

The objective of project 3 is to advocate for the active involvement of the Cameroon coalition members in Cameroon’s REDD-RPP to ensure that issues of tenure and rights are mainstreamed into REDD and climate change mechanisms while empowering local stakeholders via meetings on REDD concepts and processes to benefit the poor.


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