Programme for Pro-poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa

Published on 27 January 2010

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Start Date: 18 April 2007 | End Date: 17 April 2011


The Programme’s goal is to promote the livelihoods of smallholders living in the highlands of Eastern and Western Africa through fair and effective ecosystem service arrangements.

The Programme’s objectives shall include:

i) Fostering the development, implementation and assessment of environmental service agreements in three core landscapes and four associate landscapes in the highlands of Eastern and Western Africa;

ii) Catalyzing policy support and private-sector participation in environmental service agreements in Guinea, Kenya, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania; and

iii) Providing proactive support to the dissemination and application of assessment tools, negotiation methodologies, prototype reward mechanisms and monitoring tools among a PRESA9 Pro-poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa) community of practice, including other IFAD projects, regional and national Katoomba Group4 networks, NGOs and national organizations.

Among others, project activities will include:

a) Compiling an inventory of baseline information, design and monitoring methods, and institutional innovation in all landscapes;

b) Compiling a set of scoping, negotiation support and prototype payment tools from Rewarding the Upland Poor of Asia for Environmental Services (RUPES) and other Payment for Environmental Services (PES) projects;

c) Conducting training in the PRESA assessment, negotiation support and prototype payment tools for project teams in all PRESA landscapes;

d) Supporting partners to adopt PRESA assessment and negotiation tools to fill in key knowledge gaps and frame dialogue among stakeholders;

e) Developing and refining a decision support tool for targeting promising technologies and land use options in different environmental and market conditions;

f) Establishing and monitoring participants’ responses to prototype environmental service contracts; and

g) Engaging with utilities, private firms and industry groups with interests in ecosystem services, and with public agencies concerned with environmental services in the target landscapes.

The programme shall deliver the following outputs; inter alia:

a) Baseline reports for all the core and associate landscapes;

b) Programme teams in all landscapes introduced to and supported in the application of a toolkit of methods for scoping, negotiation support and assessment;

c) Technology targeting tool developed

d) Prototype reward mechanisms developed and tested with at least 100 farmers in every core landscape;

e) Workable reward mechanisms operational in at least four of the project landscapes; f) Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of working RES mechanisms;

g) Technical reports and synthesis documents that clarify the business case for ecosystem management in the highlands of Eastern and Western Africa;

h) Technical reports and synthesis documents that identify policy and institutional options for enhancing environmental service reward mechanisms; and

i) Technical advisory notes, field and training manuals, PRESA website, and workshop summaries.

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