Development of timber and non-timber forest products’ production and market strategies for improvement of smallholders’ livelihoods in Indonesia

Published on 9 May 2013

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Start Date: 1 January 2013 | End Date: 31 December 2016


The aim of this project is to identify, enhance and expand smallholders’ involvement in the management of commercial, forestry-based products at different spatial scales in eastern Indonesia.

The project will address the following research questions.

1) How can forestry and agroforestry management practices be improved to enhance integrated timber and non-timber forest product (NTFP) management and production?


2) What are suitable strategies for effective integrated marketing of timber and NTFPs for smallholders?


3) What policy factors significantly hinder smallholders’ production and competitiveness in timber and NTFPs and how can those factors be addressed?


4) What are the key characteristics of an extension program that can deliver information on best practices for timber and NTFP management, production and value-added marketing?


Activities will be organized in four objectives/components:

  • Development and implementation of integrated timber and NTFP production systems to enhance local livelihoods.
  • Identification and implementation of enhanced marketing strategies and value chains to improve timber and NTFP market links for smallholders.
  • Analysis and improvement of policy frameworks to facilitate smallholders’ production and integrated marketing of timber and NTFPs.
  • Enhance expansion of smallholder-managed integrated timber and NTFP production systems.


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