Preparatory Phase of a Regional Programme for Responding to Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities in West and East Africa

Published on 30 April 2010

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Start Date: 29 March 2010 | End Date: 31 December 2010


The objective of the preparatory phase is to prepare a detailed programme document for ICRAF’s regional climate programme in collaboration with other programme partners.The programme document shall contain the following elements:- Background and problem analysis- Stakeholders and beneficiaries- Objectives: overall objective (broader development goal, the project contributes towards achieving it) and project purpose (concrete goal that should be attained during the project lifespan)- Expected results and activities with corresponding indicators (how progress will be measured)- Risk analysis and mitigative measures- Compatibility with Finland’s development policy objectives, including cross-cutting themes- Compatibility with the partner countries’ development policies, strategies and priorities- Sustainability analysis (how to ensure ownership and sustainability of the intervention when the external funding has ended)- Implementation and management: organisation and personnel, decision-making processes and mechanisms; monitoring, evaluation and reporting schemes; financial management and auditing systems- Detailed budget indicating also other potential sources of funding- Implementation schedule (workplan)



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