PostDoc Project: Developing High Intensity Fruit Garden Agroforestry Systems for Small-scale Farmers of Eastern Africa

Published on 1 January 2010

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Start Date: 1 October 2008 | End Date: 30 September 2010



This project will be carried out in the frame of the foreseen Challenge programme: ‘ High Value Crops- Fruits and Vegetables’. As part of this programme, the study will contribute to increased smallholder agricultural production, livelihood opportunities, and incomes in Eastern and Southern Africa through the development of intensive fruit-based agroforestry systems.

The above study will compile basic data and knowledge about small-scale fruit based agroforestry systems and selected fruit tree species.

Specific project objectives include the following. 1. To analyze and compare function and characteristics of existing garden-like agroforestry systems in India and Eastern Africa (particularly Kenya and Uganda). 2. To study potential and constraints for intensifying fruit garden systems in different climatic regions of Kenya and Uganda. 3. To gather data on genetic and nutritional variability of selected underutilized fruit tree species and varieties from India.

Expected project outputs are as follows. 1. Knowledge about function and characteristics of existing intensive small-scale fruit garden agroforestry systems in India. 2. Improved data on the practicability and constraints of high intensity fruit garden agroforestry systems in three pilot sites of Eastern Africa including GIS-based maps. 3. Qualitative and genetic characterization of selected fruit tree species and varieties. 4. Capacity building of national agricultural research institutes in the three pilot sites and awareness creation among public and private advisory services in at least five countries of Eastern and Southern Africa.


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