Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) – Phase 2012-2014

Published on 18 July 2012

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Start Date: 1 January 2012 | End Date: 31 December 2014


PABRA’s ultimate goal is to improve food security, nutrition, health, income and livelihood of resource-poor smallholder families. These are the intermediate expected outcomes:

  • Increased and gender equitable utilization of improved and marketable bean varieties, new crop management techniques and micro-nutrient rich bean based products
  • Increased trade by men and women farmers in an equitable manner
  • Increased evidence-based response to bean sector demands and influencing bean policy in a gender equitable manner.


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3 Responses to “Pan-African Bean Research Alliance (PABRA) – Phase 2012-2014”

  1. can we have your P.O Box address ? says:

    we need to have your P.O BOX Adress in order to send you a letter. We are a young association and we need to have a partnerhip with you.
    If you receive this message, try to send your address in our email box:

    Thank you.

  2. I would like to know how you work and where can i find you in uganda.

  3. Mala Gungadurdoss says:

    I am a Principal research scientist working at the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute in Mauritius. I learnt about 245 new bean varieties that PABRA has developed. I would like to have access to the list of varieties so that I can introduce those of interest to me for evaluation under our agro-climatic conditions. This will form part of our bean research program Grateful if I could be informed of how to get access to that list. Thanks

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