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Published on 22 January 2010

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Start Date: 1 January 2008 | End Date: 31 December 2009



Naturally African is a Pan-African Innovation Platform that seeks to link research, information and policy geared towards promoting opportunities for small scale African Natural Products Enterprises.

The platform gives priority to the creation of new market opportunities; equitable returns to producers, technology transfer, and development of international standards.

This first stakeholders consultative meeting will seek their opinion on the challenges, lessons learnt and the way forward. The meeting seeks to: – Introduce the platform to the stakeholders – Nominate the interim management board – Develop the platform’s agenda – Discuss and outline the scope, mandate and spirit of the platform – Discuss and approve the rolling work plan – Nominate stakeholders to several special task forces to be created – Create a vibrant Pan-African natural products advocacy and lobby group.

This platform is expected to produce the following outputs and milestones. – Establishing a vibrant Natural products leveraging entity in the continent – Creating workable natural products models while scaling up and out success stories through lARD, NAR’s, NGOs and the private sector. – Consolidating and facilitating the utilization of tree and natural products research findings. – Intervening as one voice in the areas of trade regulations and acceptance criteria for the products in the international market. – Coordinating information resources between the sub regional natural products stakeholders. – Facilitating and revitalizing capacity building and training on natural product by scientists in Africa. – Strengthening cropping protocols for natural products to enable good collection practices and sustainable production. 


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