Monitoring and resistance of wheat black stem rust in Arab countries

Published on 29 November 2010

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Start Date: 7 May 2007 | End Date: 31 December 2010


Goal: Enhance wheat production stability and sustainability through avoidance or mitigation of disease epidemic caused by trans-boundary rust diseases Purpose: Establish effective monitoring and early warning system for trans-boundary rust diseases, accelerate development and release of resistant varieties, and develop rapid seed dissemination program for replacement of varieties Specific Activities: 1.1 Assemble and test targeted rust trap nurseries at rust hot spots (stem, yellow and leaf rusts) in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen 1.2 Ensure the sustainability of rust surveillance and collaboration through trained scientists in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen 2.1 Establish race analysis at key laboratories in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia 2.2 Assess effectiveness of resistance genes and virulence changes in prevalent rust pathogens 3.1 Assess crop losses 3.2 Develop GIS maps of major rust pathways.

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