MINPLAPDAT/ICRAF – Food for Progress 2006

Published on 1 January 2010

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Start Date: 29 December 2006 | End Date: 28 December 2009


Through this grant, the USA has made an effort to use its food resources in support of countries that have made commitments to introduce or expand free enterprise elements in their agricultural economies through changes in commodity prices, marketing, input availability, distribution and private sector involvement.

This program aims to enhance household livelihood security through the improvement of agricultural and tree crop production, marketing and competitiveness in the West and North West provinces of Cameroon. Specific objectives include securing household revenues by:

1. Improving tree products (fruit, fodder etc) and medicinal plants production, marketing and policy.

2. Promoting agri-business or agricultural enterprise (especially in the tree products and medicinal plants sub-sector); and

3. The creation of employment opportunities in Cameroon. 4. Capacity building

The following are the expected outputs.

1. Agricultural and tree crop production techniques improved

2. Income generating activities developed (For fruit trees, medicinal plants, and associated agricultural products).

3. Access to credits for tree crop and medicinal plant production, processing and marketing improved.

4. Community agricultural infrastructure and conditions improved.

5. Actor capacity within the tree crops (fruit trees and medicinal plants) sub sector developed.

6. Agricultural communication improved.


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