Managing uncertainty: innovation systems for coping with climate variability and change

Published on 3 May 2010

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Start Date: 1 August 2007 | End Date: 1 July 2010


Project – Coping with risks and realizing opportunities associated with current climate variability and future climate change in ECA enhanced through appropriate strategies and institutional innovations

Focus:  The project will achieve its purpose through research activities that produce the following three research results:-

1.  Knowledge synthesized and disseminated to researchers and planners to guide managers in making optimal choices with respect to the direct and indirect impacts of climate variability and change for the agricultural sector in ECA.

 2. An innovation system that will enable the Meteorological and Agricultural research and extension systems to jointly realize their potential through the formation of learning alliances and knowledge exchange systems for mainstreaming climate risk management research established and promoted.

3. Tested and proven strategies and tools that address priority ASARECA Programme concerns and provide an enhanced understanding of climate induced risks demonstrated and promoted through “Proof of Concept” projects in selected ASARECA countries.

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