Managing risk, reducing vulnerability and enhancing agricultural productivity under a changing climate

Published on 26 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 April 2007 | End Date: 1 March 2011


The main purpose of the project is to enhance utilization of natural resources and improve agricultural productivity and profitability through effective management risks and opportunities associated with variable climate. The project proposed to achieve this through the following: 1. Improving the understanding of the impacts of climate variability on key food production to consumption chains 2. Developing farm-level response options to reduce the impacts of climate variability 3. Developing and testing prototype climate information products to support adaptive decision making by relevant stakeholders 4. Developing and promoting communities of best practice, capacity and learning alliances of target stakeholders for developing, disseminating, up-taking, updating, upscaling, outscaling and applying climate information in agricultural decision making

Focus: Whilst the occurrence of climatic extremes is beyond human control, opportunities exist to reduce adverse effects of such events by formulating effective and efficient adaptation strategies that integrate the use of risk management practices aimed at better preparedness and mitigation. The focus of this research is to develop such systems by establishing a knowledge base that facilitates a greater understanding of the linkages between climate events and vulnerability under different social, political, and economic contexts, developing robust decision making tools for improved strategic and tactical decision making and by formulating guidelines and mechanisms to develop and disseminate regularly updated climate knowledge and products as required by the end user.

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