Mahogany and teak furniture: action research to improve value chain efficiency and enhance livelihoods

Published on 2 December 2010

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Start Date: 1 June 2008 | End Date: 31 May 2013


The project will produce the following outputs for the benefit of small-scale producers: (a) Identified inefficiencies of supply and value chains that lead to strategies to improve value chain efficiency and strengthen the furniture industry and (b) Strategies and actions to strengthen market engagement and position leading to enhanced value addition and capture of higher prices.
The expected impacts are (a) Improved value chain efficiency and security for over 15,000 furniture enterprises (177,000 jobs); (b) Enhanced incomes for small-scale producers; (c) Greater role in the value chains for small-scale producers and their organisations. To avoid creating unhealthy power imbalances with tree growers, the project will work in close coordination with another ACIAR-CIFOR project that focuses on improving the livelihoods of tree growers.


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2 Responses to “Mahogany and teak furniture: action research to improve value chain efficiency and enhance livelihoods”

  1. gugu says:

    what are the environmental impacts of extractig mahogany and teak?

    • Sufiet Erlita says:

      People in Jepara District have developed the teak and mahogany furniture industry over many decades, as is apparent from the huge number of furniture workshops in the district. Recently, wood resources are becoming increasingly scarce; therefore, actors in the furniture industry should consider growing trees in collaboration with forest farmers. Indirectly, the sustainability of the furniture industry will result in a higher demand on wood sources, potentially meaning higher wood prices. This will provide greater incentives for people to grow trees and improve the environment.
      Good wooden furniture can conserve carbon for many more years than paper can. New and recycled furniture will help reduce carbon emissions if it is good quality.

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