Linking Communities in SouthEast Asia to Forestry-Related Voluntary Carbon Markets

Published on 29 November 2011

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Start Date: 15 April 2011 | End Date: 14 April 2012


The following activies will be undertaken in this project:

1. A business portfolio alighned with the Climate , Community and Biodiversity standards (CCBS)
2. Conduct an Environmental Service (ES) market fair/ES Buyers forum organized in Manila, the Philippines promoting the Kalahan people’s potential for inclusion in a carbon-offset scheme as well as other ES such as water and agro-biodiversity
3. Build local capacities in negotiation and facilitate the negotiations with potential buyers of environmental services

Key project outputs are:

Project outputs are as follows:
1. A forestry and environmental services voluntary carbon market business portfolio alighed with the CLimate, Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCBS), Carbon Fix Standard (CFS) and Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS). The portfolio should include scientific data of professional standards on carbon sequestration, biodiversity, watershed, and the socioeconomic conditions of the Kalahan forest reserve and the peoples within.
2. Both secondary and primary data on community benefit to be derived from afforestation/reaforestation (A/R) efforts in addition to possible payments from the Voluntary Carbon Market.
3. A written report on the conducted environmental service market fair and awareness building forum


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