Japan Capacity Building Program for African Agricultural Researchers

Published on 19 August 2010

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Start Date: 26 September 2010 | End Date: 16 October 2010


In this program, ICRAF will implement a training programme on the Japan Capacity Building program for African Agricultural Researchers for Fiscal Year 2010. The title of the training is: Transfering skills to develop and apply soio-economic assessment tools for sustainable land management projects.Miyuki Iiyama (ICRAF) has been collaborating with researchers of ISAR (Institut des Science Agronomique du Rwanda) on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) project in Rwanda, which aims at the national capacity building of disseminating and up-scaling sustainable land management, including radical and progressive terraces.

This training aims at developing capacity of Rwandese researchers: • to design protocols for cost-benefit analysis and valuations of eco-system services• to apply the tools for data collection, analyses, and compilation • to develop user-friendly manuals to further disseminate and upscale the system of knowledge to wider national stakeholders.


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2 Responses to “Japan Capacity Building Program for African Agricultural Researchers”

  1. ogwulumba s i says:

    Are there any capacity building grants/trainings for plant pathologists. I’m interested.

  2. ogwulumba s i says:

    Please I asked if there is any sponsored trainings or grants for plant pathologists from Nigeria for 2011 and beyond. I am interested in such program.

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