Increasing sustainable agricultural production in Mozambique through drought tolerant maize and conservation agriculture

Published on 16 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 October 2009 | End Date: 31 October 2011


This project focuses on the development and dissemination of drought tolerant maize germplasm together with integrated and sustainable soil fertility management practices for smallholder maize producers in the principle maize producing provinces in Mozambique – Manica, Nampula, Sofala and Tete. Participatory on-farm experimentation, coupled with the involvement of private seed companies and local agro-input stockists, will enable and facilitate the promotion and adoption of the improved varieties and production practices.

The Purpose of the project is to improve system production and the productivity of land, labor and capital through more efficient use of nutrients and water allowed by interventions that integrate improved maize cultivars and conservation agriculture techniques.

Output 1: Moisture-stress tolerant and nitrogen-use-efficient maize varieties adapted to local biotic stresses selected, evaluated and disseminated.

Output 2: CA technologies that improve water conservation and increase crop production and yield stability evaluated, adapted to local conditions and extended to and by farmers using participatory approaches.

Output 3: Improved farmer, extension agent, seed producer, input supplier and researcher knowledge of improved maize varieties and CA principles and practices

Output 4: Accessibility of improved seed, agricultural equipment and inputs to farmers improved and facilitated by support to seed producers and input suppliers.

Output 5: Socio-economic impact of interventions on livelihoods quantified

Output 6: Research results synthesized and extension and policy recommendations developed, synthesized and published.

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One Response to “Increasing sustainable agricultural production in Mozambique through drought tolerant maize and conservation agriculture”

  1. Kit Nicholson says:

    I am preparing a project for improved AWM with INGC in Mozambique and we are wanting to include Conservation Agriculture, in addition to the micro-irrigation techniques that are expected. I would like to refer to all existing work on CA and wondered whether your project has yet produced any reports that I could refer to?



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