Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Incomes through Bridging Yield gaps with Science-led Interventions in Andhra Pradesh

Published on 26 December 2011

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Start Date: 28 October 2011 | End Date: 27 October 2011


The overall goal of the project is to increase average productivity of target crops in the selected districts by 25% in five years and identify suitable adaptation strategies forcoping with the likely changes associated with climate change. The specific objectives are as follows:-

  1. To identify best-bet crop management options (soil, crop and water management) including improved varieties to enhance productivity of the selected crops in targeted seven districts by 25%.
  2. To undertake representative soil sampling (stratified sampling method forfarmers in villages in a district) to prepare GIS-based soil maps depicting micro- and macro- nutrient status of the soils.
  3. To assess the likely impacts of climate change in the target seven districts and identify suitable adaptation strategies to cope with the climate change
  4. To build capacity of the stakeholders (farmers and consortium partners) in sustainable management of natural resources, enhancing crop productivity in dryland areas and adaptation strategies to cope with climate change.

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