Improving rice processing strategies for food security in West Africa [McGill post-harvest]

Published on 29 April 2010

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Start Date: 1 August 2008 | End Date: 1 August 2009


The specific objectives of the proposed project are to: (1) identify and analyze post-harvest operations, processing, and consumer acceptability challenges associated with NERICAs and other improved varieties. (2) study the influence of parboiling, drying and milling parameters on grain quality for the various relevant rice varieties. (3) assess the sector’s actors and their linkages, and identify necessary policies and institutions needed to enhance the dissemination and adoption of improved post-harvest processing technologies that deliver good quality paddy and processed rice. (4) analyze energy use during parboiling and promote energy-efficient technologies including sustainable use of rice husk biomass. (5) analyze rice consumers’ preferences and assess the influence of grain quality on the demand for locally-produced rice and (6) conduct an ex-ante impact assessment of improved processing technologies and grain quality on domestic rice production, income of paddy producers and rice processors, as well as on imports.

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  1. How can I download this study? I am a consultant for FAO and need it for my work on agroprocessing in West Africa.

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