Improving Livelihoods of Small Farmers and Rural Women through Value-added Processing and Export of Cashmere, Wool and Mohair.

Published on 29 November 2010

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Start Date: 28 July 2009 | End Date: 30 September 2013


Goal. The Project’s goal is to improve the livelihoods and income of small livestock producers and rural women through improved production, processing and export of value-added fibre in producing areas of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.
(a) Enhance knowledge and information of women’s groups to enable them to make informed decisions; (b) Improve fibre quality through the introduction of breeding programs, genetics and collaborative breeding strategies; (c) Improve fibre quality and market value through sorting, grading and pricing fibre according to international standards; (d) Increase local, value-added processing through new technologies, design and product development to benefit rural women; (e) Open new markets for value-added fibre and fibre products by linking producers and processors to export markets and facilitating access of foreign buyers to regional markets; and (f) Increase stakeholders’ income through the establishment of sustainable market chains at pilot sites.”

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