Improving Groundnut Farmers’ Incomes and Nutrition through Innovation and Technology Enhancement (I-FINITE)

Published on 24 November 2011

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Start Date: 1 May 2011 | End Date: 31 October 2012


The purpose of this project is to increase the incomes of smallholder farmers producing groundnuts in four districts in the Eastern Province of Zambia (Chipata, Katete, Petauke, and Lundazi). This will be achieved through three approaches: (1) innovative partnerships with the NARS, University of Zambia, Tuskegee University (USA), and the USDA National Peanut Research Laboratory, Georgia, USA, for technology development including genomics  research; (2) development of Crop Management Strategies and Seed Systems that will enhance productivity and link farmers to markets; and (3) development of low-cost technologies for the control and determination of Aflatoxin Contamination; and establishment of systems of Grades and Standards to enhance traceability.

The proposed strategy will address specific supply-and-demand problems in the groundnut sub-sector in the Eastern Province of Zambia that may provide lessons for other provinces in which this crop is produced.

The project will utilize the products of crop improvement to increase productivity and to endow groundnuts with market-acceptable traits and with better quality to tap into regional and international markets. The project will promote marketing innovations that emphasize efficiency and reduce transaction costs. Grain marketing will be improved by the strengthening of farmer organizations to establish rural collection points to enhance collective marketing and serve as mechanisms for grain assembly and grading. The gains in market efficiency and reduced transactions costs will be translated into higher grain prices for producers, and will result in increased incomes for rural households.

Project activities involving training will strengthen the capacity of national agricultural research systems (NARES) and the University of Zambia in demand-driven technology development. The capacity of farmer organizations and entrepreneurs in collective marketing, enterprise development and negotiation will also be strengthened. The combination of increased productivity and better linkages to markets will strengthen the competitive position of farmer organizations and traders.

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  1. Vincent Akamandisa says:

    How is the project progressing. Kindly give me avarage size of g.nut fikeds for small holder farmers and their production amounts?

  2. what are the productivity levels of groundnuts in zambia

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